Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Endeavor Snowboard Design 2010

Endeavor Snowboard Design was established in 2002. The Global headquarters is based in historic Gastown, downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. Endeavor pioneered the artist collaboration by bringing art to snowboard graphics.
I really like the feel of this company, for me there's nothing better than seeing some great looking artwork, combined with a great performance board.
This year I'm looking to ride a 159 "Live" it's artwork is designed by Thomas Marecki. So far the "Live" looks set to be great value for money.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Derren Brown subliminal image

Tonight I watched Derren Brown's "How to control the nation", while watching I noticed three split second flashes at various parts during the show. After countless attempts to pause the program on the right frame using sky plus, I finally managed to get it spot on.

The result is this quite creepy illustration of a man tied to his chair. The whole point of this program was to show us a video that would potentially control viewers, stopping them from getting out of their chairs. However he did say that there would be NO flashes and NO subliminal messages appearing.